Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Games Day Germany 2011

Hey guys!
I just came home from Cologne, Germany for Games Day Germany 2011. We went to Cologne last friday to explore the city, relax a bit and talk about Warhammer, obviously! This was the second year I went to Games Day Germany, I was there last year as well. I’ve been to Games Day UK twice as well, in 2007 and 2008. 
My catch of the day!

I had to say that I had a lot of fun this weekend. I read on Forge World’s Facebook page that the Exalted Vermin Lord would be available to buy on Games Day, so after we got in we immediately went to the Forge World stand (like everybody does on a Games Day, right?). Luckily they still had one for me! I also grabbed the Limited Edition Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith, excellent mini! However, this is where a problem started to occur. I wanted to use my PIN pass to pay for everything but the PIN device wouldn’t let me, we tried the PIN pass from my friend as well, it didn’t work either.. Finally it worked when I tried another PIN device! Phew, what a relief! After the Forge World stand we went upstairs to see more of Games Day, including the Forge World design team. Unfortunately there weren’t any new miniatures that I hadn’t seen yet..
A couple of hours later I decided to pick up the new Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought as well, together with two Assault Cannon arms! I saw some excellent painted versions of these on Games Day so I just couldn’t help myself but to grab one myself. My plan is not to start a Space Marine army, but to enter it for the Golden Demons next year. Somehow I never get around to finish something for the Golden Demons and every year I regret that I didn’t finish an entry. The coming year I will spend a lot of time on this project. A friend of mine (who won a Golden Demon in the “vehicle and monsters” category three years ago!) is going to help me out by keeping me motivated to finish an entry for once!
My ticket included the Limited Edition Games Day miniature from this year, a Clan Skryre Warlord. I also picked up the Limited Edition Games Day miniature from 2006 that I didn’t own yet. Just love the fact that the daemon head is the actual Golden Demon!
If anyone is interested I’ll post some pictures of the Golden Demon entries I took.




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