Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Marienburg Secretariat for Trading Equity - Rookie & Private Sleuth

It's been a very long time since my last update.. Luckily my gaming group is about to start a new campaign soon, so I finally had some motivation to work on my Watchmen again.

I decided to start working on my heroes. Here I present you a River Watch Rookie and the Private Sleuth (with pendulum swing!), they still need some minor greenstuff work for their arms and such.

And here's the entire gang so far!

Next on the list of heroes is the first Sergeant, stay tuned! Now I first have some make some more planked bases..

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Games Day Germany 2011

Hey guys!
I just came home from Cologne, Germany for Games Day Germany 2011. We went to Cologne last friday to explore the city, relax a bit and talk about Warhammer, obviously! This was the second year I went to Games Day Germany, I was there last year as well. I’ve been to Games Day UK twice as well, in 2007 and 2008. 
My catch of the day!

I had to say that I had a lot of fun this weekend. I read on Forge World’s Facebook page that the Exalted Vermin Lord would be available to buy on Games Day, so after we got in we immediately went to the Forge World stand (like everybody does on a Games Day, right?). Luckily they still had one for me! I also grabbed the Limited Edition Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith, excellent mini! However, this is where a problem started to occur. I wanted to use my PIN pass to pay for everything but the PIN device wouldn’t let me, we tried the PIN pass from my friend as well, it didn’t work either.. Finally it worked when I tried another PIN device! Phew, what a relief! After the Forge World stand we went upstairs to see more of Games Day, including the Forge World design team. Unfortunately there weren’t any new miniatures that I hadn’t seen yet..
A couple of hours later I decided to pick up the new Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought as well, together with two Assault Cannon arms! I saw some excellent painted versions of these on Games Day so I just couldn’t help myself but to grab one myself. My plan is not to start a Space Marine army, but to enter it for the Golden Demons next year. Somehow I never get around to finish something for the Golden Demons and every year I regret that I didn’t finish an entry. The coming year I will spend a lot of time on this project. A friend of mine (who won a Golden Demon in the “vehicle and monsters” category three years ago!) is going to help me out by keeping me motivated to finish an entry for once!
My ticket included the Limited Edition Games Day miniature from this year, a Clan Skryre Warlord. I also picked up the Limited Edition Games Day miniature from 2006 that I didn’t own yet. Just love the fact that the daemon head is the actual Golden Demon!
If anyone is interested I’ll post some pictures of the Golden Demon entries I took.



Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Marienburg Secretariat for Trading Equity - Bases

Not so much of an update today, I just wanted to show you guys the bases I've been working on; planked bases that is!

More coming soon, as always comments & criticism are welcome!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Marienburg Secretariat for Trading Equity - Officer II

Alright, I've done some work on my second Officer. He's not finished yet; his right arm still needs a sleeve and some other details. Both Officers will also get some pouches and some miscellaneous details. I've had a difficult time finding the right head for my Officer, I'm not really sure about this head either. What do you guys think?

The bases will probably be cobblestone, as most of the battles will take place on the streets of Marienburg. Also, my Riverboat isn't going to be big enough to hold my entire warband, so no wooden-plank bases either. ;)

More coming soon, as always comments & criticism are welcome!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Marienburg Secretariat for Trading Equity - Officer

Hi guys!

I haven't posted anything Mordheim related in ages, so it feels good to be finally back into Mordheim. After a little chat with Cianty and Werekin regarding their new supplement called "Mutiny in Marienburg" (check out their blog!), I'm proud to show you the first WIP's of my Watchmen gang. This is my first Officer, a henchman. He's carrying a Boathook (count-as Halberd), to fetch bodies and evidence from the river. He's also has an optional Lamplight - in case he needs one to inspect a victim.  I'm not sure if the twin-tailed comet on his hat is appropriate though, because technically Marienburg isn't part of the Empire anymore. I don't know if Sigmar is the primary deity for the Marienburgers, as most of them believe in Manann, Myrmidia and Verena. What do you guys think?

He's not finished yet, he need some minor sculpt work and obviously a paint job. His fellow Officer is also in the works, also carrying a multifunctional Boathook and a Lamplight. More coming soon!

As always, comments & criticism are welcome!

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Loathsome Ratmen and all their Vile Kin - Part I

Hey guys,

I decided to post some pictures of my Skaven army thus far. I finished my first Clanrat unit a while ago and ever since I've been working on a unit of Skavenslaves, with a special unit-filler.

Here's a picture of the finished Clanrat unit!

The idea behind the unit-filler is that it’s a failed Moulder experiment, instead of an adonis shaped Rat Ogre he turned to be an obese and most likely mentally challenged Rat Ogre.
The filler is obviously still WIP, need needs some more details. The arms and tail are current blu-tacked on, they need to be glued and the gaps need some GS as well. His left arm will also get a handcuff and some chains hanging from it. :) 

I’m not sure about adding fur yet, I haven’t done fur before.. What do you think?

That's it for now!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Tutorial: How to make Stone Bases

Hey guys!

Long time no update as I haven't been working on anything Mordheim related really.. But don't worry, new Mordheim related posts are coming soon.. ;)

I posted this on my Tumblr a couple of weeks ago, but kinda forgot to post it over here.

A couple of people over at UE.net asked me how I did the bases for my Skaven. I decided to make a little tutorial on how to do them. Hope you like it!

Until soon!


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