Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Marienburg Secretariat for Trading Equity - Officer

Hi guys!

I haven't posted anything Mordheim related in ages, so it feels good to be finally back into Mordheim. After a little chat with Cianty and Werekin regarding their new supplement called "Mutiny in Marienburg" (check out their blog!), I'm proud to show you the first WIP's of my Watchmen gang. This is my first Officer, a henchman. He's carrying a Boathook (count-as Halberd), to fetch bodies and evidence from the river. He's also has an optional Lamplight - in case he needs one to inspect a victim.  I'm not sure if the twin-tailed comet on his hat is appropriate though, because technically Marienburg isn't part of the Empire anymore. I don't know if Sigmar is the primary deity for the Marienburgers, as most of them believe in Manann, Myrmidia and Verena. What do you guys think?

He's not finished yet, he need some minor sculpt work and obviously a paint job. His fellow Officer is also in the works, also carrying a multifunctional Boathook and a Lamplight. More coming soon!

As always, comments & criticism are welcome!

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  1. Very nice work so far sir, the GS work is top notch as always. I shall hopefully be watching :)




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